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Some Tips on Purchasing Refurbished Telecommunication Equipments

Many new and established businesses purchase refurbished telecommunication equipments, as it tends to reduce the cost of the business as well as provide the business with high end equipment. But if you are starting a new business and don?t know much about telecommunication equipments as well as

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Optimisation for Your Organisation

Business optimisation models are built basing on the fact that almost all organisations are some sort of complex ecosystems. The optimisation of business processes must thread the needle in between four main components of this complex ecosystem. The components include strategy, structure, people and process. When all

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Cost Cutting Using Mobile Phone VoIP – Based Calls and Send IP SMS

The invention of the internet has greatly improved the information and communication sector of the world. Apart from the advent of superfast mobile phones using state of the art switch boards, with very high switching speeds, there was developed the Voice over Internet Protocol. These are commonly

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Integration of social media to benefit your business

Every business needs to use the advanced technology to maximize the benefits. Each business has their needs, and with this there is need to choose technologies that make it possible to reach out various clients. One such technology to incorporate in any business setting includes the integration

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A PBX aids in cost reduction

Private Branch eXchange or mainly known as PBX is a telephone switching system owned privately used for handling multiple phone lines, this eliminates the need to pay separately the telephone company lease for each line. On normal occasions, the telephone is connected to the central office via

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Tips that will see you save up to 30% on your total in-house printing costs

Basically speaking documents are the key vehicles by which information moves within any business. Much attention thus needs to be put in the amounts spent on printing and other related services. The device utilization and the printing materials used will greatly determine the costs you will incur

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SIP Trunking Explained – Reduce your cost by 50%

The usage of SIP Trunking, or Session Initiation Protocol, in IP (Internet Protocol) Telephony promises to significantly reduce costs for major businesses. Before SIP Trunking large numbers of wires and connections had to be established from the business to the local service provider resulting in high maintenance

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Near Field Communication: Improving your business

Near Field Communication or NFC is a standard communicating technique established for smartphones and the like which allows them to directly transfer data by simply bringing them together, either in very close proximity or by actually touching the devices to each other. This type of communication has

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