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Cost Cutting Using Mobile Phone VoIP – Based Calls and Send IP SMS

The invention of the internet has greatly improved the information and communication sector of the world. Apart from the advent of superfast mobile phones using state of the art switch boards, with very high switching speeds, there was developed the Voice over Internet Protocol. These are commonly referred to as the GSM technology and the CDMA technology. Despite these systems being fast they also tend to be expensive to maintain and therefore there was a need for internet based communication systems. Due to these limitations the Voice over Internet Protocol communication systems were developed. On the internet, information is conveyed as data packets from one server to another. The VoIP communication system utilizes technology where by voice calls are packetized and relayed as digital information over the internet. There voice over Internet Protocol communication system offers various plans that provide free unlimited calls through the world and to be interconnected it requires the individual or the business to just buy or take their phones on a lease basis.

VoIP communication system offers an innovative system that has low maintenance infrastructure because it does not require a networking system and only requires an internet connection.According to research done on various communication systems VoIP offers the cheapest mode of telecommunication and an organization can save up to 45 % of their communication expenses while using the Voice over Internet Protocol.

The voice over Internet Protocol system is cheaper than the ordinary GSM systems in that the cost associated with its use are almost free as it will only charge as if it were someone accessing the internet on their mobile phones; therefore the charges are only those levied by the service providers which are often discounted for institutions. Smart phones and android phone users thus have a very cost effective communication system since these phones have apps feature where VoIP can be launched. Cost cutting using the mobile phone VoIP- based calls requires the business to first identify the benefits of the VoIP service over the other GSM service providers. Voice over internet protocol offers a wide range of services to the user including short message services, call history services, showing the caller ID, ability to forward calls to another person, ability to hold a large database for numbers, call information registering and many other services similar to those offered by GSM service providers. For those organizations that rely heavily on telecommunication for the conduct of their business the VOIP offers an effective way to conduct business because staffs do not have to be in the office to conduct business. Businesses making abroad calls are also strategically placed to use VoIP call services.

Another key feature of the Voice over internet protocol is that it can be accessed on any network that is wireless. Therefore while the GSM networks require the user to be on an area served by the network, VoIP can be used with technology such as the phone broadband network, Wi-Fi, or any wireless network available.In the current economic times people are always busy with be it with work schedules ,family issues, leisure activities such that the time required to move from one work station to another is becoming costly. Mobile phone users currently want a device that can hold all the telephone numbers that they have, be able to access their bills, be able to conveniently talk to other people in other networks at any time and any part of the world. This has raised the need for phone manufactures and service providers to invest in technologies such as VOIP in order to retain their customer base. Cost cutting using mobile phone VoIP – based calls and IP SMS’s requires phone users with the VOIP service and residing in areas that are Wi-Fi hotspots. The users can altogether do away with expensive GSM Networks. There are various mobile applications that are IP based such as Google talk, Skype, Viber and even tango. Text Now has also introduced its unique and only data service A mobile phone Plan without minutes. This has become a revolutionary service that is an improvement to the Voice over internet protocol in that the subscriber can access the service even without Wi-Fi on their phone.

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