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Near Field Communication: Improving your business

Near Field Communication or NFC is a standard communicating technique established for smartphones and the like which allows them to directly transfer data by simply bringing them together, either in very close proximity or by actually touching the devices to each other.
This type of communication has been shown in various TV ads. It brings radio communicating to an entirely new level. NFC uses something called a contactless payment system. This is similar to the way airline tickets are now purchased. You don’t get a ticket anymore; you go online and select your seat. The airline keeps an internal record of the customer’s transaction. The customer has an option to print out the information complete with a reservation number or the record locator.

The customer then reports to the ticket counter at the airport and presents some form of identification to the airline. In most cases, it is not a requirement for the individual to present the print out.
Another example is that of the electronic wallet, sometimes called ewallet. This feature allows the customer to store information regarding credit cards inside a virtual ?wallet? which is linked to a smartphone or other NFC-enabled device. This can then be used at any terminal which is set up for the MasterCard PayPass option.
NFC allows for bootstrapping, or enabling devices to communicate directly with each other without any outside influence. As an example, there is software that enables Bluetooth connectivity for the purposes of transferring pictures and other files. This is a nice feature for the social networks as well. The ability to quickly enable the transmitting of files saves a lot of time.

One company allows for virtual online shopping from just about anywhere. They have posters positioned at various locations and favorite haunts of young people. When the young people see something they are interested in, they merely use their NFC equipped device and tap or scan the item in question, which then directs them to the web site and then they can decide if they wish to make the purchase or not.
Another company has placed posters and stickers in taxi cabs. When those equipped with the NFC device tap their devices to the posters they can enter a contest to see a certain entertainer.

In another country, stickers with embedded NFC tags will be available. When the person utilizes their device, they will get the deal of the day at whatever emporium is nearby, that is, a good deal at a store or restaurant. With this type of setup, the deals can change on the spur of the moment; users will be able to get the current deal as it becomes listed.
When the users of the NFC device are accessing web sites or getting the current deal of the minute, they can also save money because many of the deals also allow for good discounts.

Although there are predictions that within the next ten to fifteen years NFC could very well signal the demise of the credit card, there are those who do not embrace whole heartedly the technology of NFC.
Fears that someone’s privacy could be compromised linger in the minds of many. With newer technology come newer risks. The more technologically advanced society becomes the more dependent society becomes on that very technology. Peoples’ identities become open books to unscrupulous individuals who steal identities to sell to others for profit; and those who do not trust government feel this is just another way Big Brother is keeping an eye on its citizens.
Purchasing high-priced items like cars or appliances might be just the ticket for the big league ID robbers. Purchasing smaller, cheaper items without the use of cash or credit card might be okay, but it could still lead to problems. What is needed is some kind of check or restraint upon the use of the information and how it is stored. A new parental control, for example, is being implemented by one major firm; this would help parents in their struggle to control how their children are spending money. Parents would be able to prevent unwanted purchases and control what their children view.
These are just some of the possible scenarios associated with NFC. The bottom line is that is it coming and promises a new era of change in the way individuals purchase their goods.

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