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A PBX aids in cost reduction

Private Branch eXchange or mainly known as PBX is a telephone switching system owned privately used for handling multiple phone lines, this eliminates the need to pay separately the telephone company lease for each line. On normal occasions, the telephone is connected to the central office via a trunk. This gives the central office the responsibility to route all outgoing and incoming calls provide caller identity, voice mail just to mention a few. Such services costs the company a considerable amount of money in monthly fees, therefore, a company that requires many phones would incur immense telephone bills. PBX acts as an exchange point where calls are routed , when PBX is present the firm only needs an extension for each phone, and not a phone number as in many cases. Hence, PBX handles all the calls made in the firm from one desk to the other. When the company requires making an outside call dialing from an access number is mandatory, the PBX does the transfer of the call to the central office of the company and then routed in the normal way.

pbx reduce costs A PBX aids in cost reduction as the company has to pay only for the number of lines connected to the outside at any given time. For example if a firm has a hundred telephones at a given time, it is unlikely that all the phones will be used to make outside calls. Therefore to reduce costs the company only leases a few lines say ten , thereby reducing the cost of communication by a large margin. Depending on the consumer PBX are the most efficient, economical and the fastest way to communicate within and outside the company. The PBX offers exceptional features which include: call forwarding, intercoming, conferencing , voice mail and other transfer methods are available. One of the most essential features of PBX is the control of numbers that is dialled hence, employees cannot use the company telephone line to make personal calls , without the system in place international calls and other expensive calls can be made costing the company a fortune. The cost of purchasing the device is affordable with that used at home or small business costing less than eight hundred pounds. The features of a PBX determining its price therefore a company can subscribe to one that they think it will reduce costs and manage all the organizational calls effectively.

With current improved technology, newer and better forms of PBX are coming up, with free open source operating system. This can run on a dedicated computer alongside the VoIP and this reduces the cost of communication by a large margin. Originally, the PBX was designed to save the company communication costs by allowing the employees connect directly without incurring costs. Since the PBX connects employees internally and other people or firms externally costs are immensely reduced by allowing every employee to have their own phone without the need of installing a separate line for each individual. PBX is crucial because it is specific for each organisation which means only the employees of a certain organisation can access it and not everybody.

In summary, PBX offers the most effective way to reduce communication costs within an organisation! Read more about the different PBX solutions at nortechtelecom.se

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